Embers & Ashes

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The Toronto Burlesque Festival presents our Friday showcase ‘Embers & Ashes’ Co-Produced with Artistic Collaborator, Dew Lily.

Uncovering (and undressing) this cast of characters will prove to be a slow burn, or a quick one. Either way, it will be hot, hot hot! Mixing burlesque, boylesque and cirque, we have planned a devious, sultry and hilarious show for you as part of the Toronto Burlesque Festivals’ 11th year. Bring your passion and curiosity for Old Hollywood, Film Noir, Femme Fatales, Opulent Royalty, darkness and female power.

Please, feel free to drape yourself in a fitting costume of your own!

Get your fascinators out of storage, dust off your spats and bowler hat and join us. Come on over to the dark side.

Doors at 7:30pm, Shows starts at 8:30pm! Stick around after the show for a dance after-party!

Hosted by Bon Bon Bombay


Ava Lure (Vancouver BC)

Celesta O’Lee (Montreal QC)

Charlie Quinn (Toronto)

Danielle St. Velvet (Ithaca NY)

Genie Emerald (Toronto)

Goldi Fox (Philadelphia PA)

Jo’Rie Tigerlily (Richmond VA)

Les Femmes Rebelles (Guelph ON)

Forca (Toronto)

Miami Minx (Montreal QC)

Penny Romanoff (Montreal QC)

Sassy Ray (Kitchener ON)

Silk E. Gunz (Victoria BC)

Thrasher (Toronto)

The Lady Josephine (Montreal QC)

Violette Coquette (Edmonton AB)

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