Aria Delanoche

Enigmatic, energetic, and deeply sensual, Aria is a force to be reckoned with.

Her performances, while diverse in style, are always guided by an elevated visual sensibility (a trait informed by years of fashion styling and photography) and a flair for the dramatic. A Chicago-born stage queen based in Montreal, Aria is a member of the Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow, producer of monthly burlesque benefit Feel Good Fridays, and among Montreal’s Top 5 Burlesque Performers (Cult Magazine).

She is a well-traveled showgirl, spreading her glittery glory from Buffalo to Bucharest.

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MOD Club

Toronto Burlesque Festival and Artistic Collaborator, Knox Harter beckon you into a world of enchantment and magic! Follow Laura Desirée as she introduces you to magical creatures, evil villains and deities in this early evening festival spectacular. Meet these fairytale characters and marvel our festival headliner Sydni Deveraux! Don’t miss the festival show that’s sure you […]

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