Belle Jumelles

Featured Artist


One of Toronto’s most popular burlesque performers. Belle Jumelles’ style is inspired by classic burlesque, and includes elements of humour, cabaret and a whole lot of sass. She’s been producing and hosting burlesque productions for several years, including the Burlesque stages for PrideTO. She’s a member of The Succulent Six and Les Femmes Fatales. She has performed in the Toronto Burlesque festival for the past 6 years, Has performed at the Ottawa Burlesque Expo, has headlined the Fierce Queer International Burlesque Festival, and travels all over Canada and the US teaching and performing. Her passion for burlesque lives hand in hand with her love for making other people feel great about themselves through body positive workshops.


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Viva Voltage

Revival Bar

The 10th Annual Toronto Burlesque Festival is thrilled to present our first sizzling event of our Diamond Anniversary Season, VIVA VOLTAGE on May 12th, featuring an award-winning, all-star team of headliners Elektra Cute (Minneapolis) and Tito Bonito (Los Angeles) as well as a full cast of some of Toronto’s favourite artists (shown below) including our […]

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