Célesta O’Lee

Célesta O’Lee The Cambodia’s Hottest Pepper of Burlesque.

Hip hop and bellydance pioneer in Cambodia, this self-taught of fifteen years of stage, charmed by the burlesque universe, decides to reorient herself in this art by perfuming it of oriental flavor … Flavors that you could taste at the Folies Jarretières de Québec, the Salon de l’Amour et de la Seduction 2017&2018, the Wiggle Room, the Black&Blue and many Burlesque Festivals like Montreal, Ottawa, Boston and New York.

My Sessions

Embers & Ashes

MOD Club

The Toronto Burlesque Festival presents our Friday showcase ‘Embers & Ashes’ Co-Produced with Artistic Collaborator, Dew Lily. Uncovering (and undressing) this cast of characters will prove to be a slow burn, or a quick one. Either way, it will be hot, hot hot! Mixing burlesque, boylesque and cirque, we have planned a devious, sultry and […]

Live Performance