Danielle Saint Velvet

Danielle Saint Velvet is a burlesque performer, costume designer, burlesque producer and stylist in Ithaca, NY.

Danielle draws on her years of experience in dance and costume design to create unique, classic acts that indulge the art of tease and titillation, embodying grace and beauty. Danielle performs regularly in Ithaca and NYC.

My Sessions

Embers & Ashes

MOD Club

The Toronto Burlesque Festival presents our Friday showcase ‘Embers & Ashes’ Co-Produced with Artistic Collaborator, Dew Lily. Uncovering (and undressing) this cast of characters will prove to be a slow burn, or a quick one. Either way, it will be hot, hot hot! Mixing burlesque, boylesque and cirque, we have planned a devious, sultry and […]

Live Performance