Dasha Cayenne

Santa Cruz

Dasha Cayenne was born to dance. She grew up in Los Angeles on a diet of old soul music and jazz, both of which infuse her tease with a timeless and powerful flavor. She was a nationally competitive rhythmic gymnast for 10 years, training in Russia as a teenager, and after falling head over heels with burlesque in 2012, has been leaving a trail of underpinnings and broken hearts across the USA. She made her festival debut last year at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. Dasha can be found performing with her troupe, the Wily Minxes, in SF and beyond.

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Red Carpet Reveal

Revival Bar

The Toronto Burlesque Festival is thrilled to welcome you with a sizzling night of classic-style striptease and song. Dress to the nines and be seen with the glitterati of local and international burlesque superstars! This buzz-worthy affair invites our media partners and introduces our sponsors for the weekend. Expect fierce, imaginative acts that seduce you […]

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