Ferrera Rosé

Ferrera Rosè this dark-skinned badass is “hell in heels” personified. Emerging victorious from life’s battles to slay her audience with her long legs, thick thighs and fat booty. She takes shit from nobody and will come for you if you don’t approach with caution. Bow down and appreciate this fierce Amazon.

Ferrera has been performing for five years. She has taken part in the Edmonton Burlesque festival. She is also a member of les femmes fatales: women of colour burlesque troupe.

Works with various producers in the city of Toronto. Has been a part of Lemonade: A burlesque tribute to Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Ferrera also Performed at Pride 2017.

My Sessions


Revival Bar

Join the 11th Annual Toronto Burlesque Festival at Revival Bar for “Turnt-Lesque”, a night of upbeat, exciting and playful neo burlesque. This next-level thrill ride is co-produced with Artistic Collaborator, Zyra Lee Vanity. Prepare for non-stop excitement with acts that will have you on the edges of your seats. You’ll be laughing, dancing along and […]

Live Performance