Genie Emerald

Dubbed The Golden Legs of Burlesque, Genie Emerald has been capturing hearts with her alluring performances for over five years.

Known for her stunningly elegant performances and fluid yet sensual movement, Genie has taken her love for the Art of Burlesque international. From Performing with some of the best in Toronto to being invited to perform at the spectacular Burlesque Hall of Fame, to exclusive venues in Paris, Stuttgart and London. She’s had the immense pleasure of performing for various celebrities such as Barbara Amiel, Conrad Black, Traci Melchor, the Bieber family and more.

My Sessions

Embers & Ashes

MOD Club

The Toronto Burlesque Festival presents our Friday showcase ‘Embers & Ashes’ Co-Produced with Artistic Collaborator, Dew Lily. Uncovering (and undressing) this cast of characters will prove to be a slow burn, or a quick one. Either way, it will be hot, hot hot! Mixing burlesque, boylesque and cirque, we have planned a devious, sultry and […]

Live Performance