Holly Von Sinn

A vivacious firecracker hailing from the dust-ridden streets of Edmonton, Holly Von Sinn is guaranteed to tickle more than just your fancy.

As one of the first solo dancers in the city, Holly has set aflame stages all over North America, has blazed the trail for burlesque in Edmonton, and has left audiences dry mouthed and sweating. Kicking up a storm on stage – like an untamable prairie tornado through a trailer park – Holly is easily one of Edmonton’s most beloved and lusted after performers to date, integrating a myriad of performance styles and techniques seamlessly into their numbers. Having trained in theatre, dance, improv, and clown, Holly delivers distinctive dances that flex the proverbial concepts of what burlesque can be. Holly is a founding member of The Edmonton Burlesque Festival. Through their efforts in establishing and maintaining burlesque in Edmonton, Holly Von Sinn has burned their mark into Edmonton not only as a performer, but also as a producer, host, mentor, and teacher.

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