LeTabby Lexington


Dubbed Edmonton’s Good Girl of Burlesque by Judith Stein, LeTabby Lexington is a performer/host/producer/darling in Alberta. LeTabby has hosted and performed in the Edmonton Burlesque Festival as well as the Calgary International Burlesque Festival, New Orlean’s Snake Oil Festival and Angie Pontani’s Burlesque-a-Pades. She is the co-founder/co-artistic director of Edmonton’s award winning, smash success Send in the Girls Burlesque, a theatre company that tells historical women’s stories.

My Sessions

Don’t you dare miss this Saturday late night spectacular! A showcase of the newest trend in burlesque – vivid, exciting performance related to popular culture, TV, film, nerdlesque and cosplay. Prepare to be knocked out with polished, witty, madcap work in full technicolour and cinemascope! Featuring headliner Harden Reddy (Munich), feature performer Emcee Unicorn (Sudbury) […]

Live Performance