Obskyura is a Performance Artist, Visual Artist and Designer who emerged from Toronto, Canada. A living work of Art, a chameleon who dazzles and awes with tantalizing dance moves, theatrics and artistry, she constantly aims to bend and break boundaries.

Obskyura has been a Performance Artist since 2010 and performed in shows and events at various venues in Toronto and across Ontario, Buffalo, New York City and in Japan. From soft and divine to the extreme dark and controversial, all of her performances are born from a story, feeling, concept, controversy or an experience very dear.  The Obskyura documentary was filmed in 2011/2012 and featured in the HotDocs festival at the Tiff Bell Lightbox.

Obskyura is a force of nature on the stage, her powerful gaze dares the audience to look away.

My Sessions


Revival Bar

Join the 11th Annual Toronto Burlesque Festival at Revival Bar for “Turnt-Lesque”, a night of upbeat, exciting and playful neo burlesque. This next-level thrill ride is co-produced with Artistic Collaborator, Zyra Lee Vanity. Prepare for non-stop excitement with acts that will have you on the edges of your seats. You’ll be laughing, dancing along and […]

Live Performance