Olive von Topp


Known for her story-telling antics, Ms. von Topp has been amusing and shocking audiences since 2013. Hailing from the royal city of Guelph, ON, where she teaches and produces burlesque, this little tramp is anything but tame. Now she struts her stuff across Canadian stages, often with her favourite flirts, The Femmes Rebelles. Olive may seem shy, but don’t let that fool you. This hip-shakin, smooth-walkin’, love-makin’, sass-talkin’ lady will knock your socks off, or at the very least, her own.

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Don’t you dare miss this Saturday late night spectacular! A showcase of the newest trend in burlesque – vivid, exciting performance related to popular culture, TV, film, nerdlesque and cosplay. Prepare to be knocked out with polished, witty, madcap work in full technicolour and cinemascope! Featuring headliner Harden Reddy (Munich), feature performer Emcee Unicorn (Sudbury) […]

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