Peepshow TO

PeepshowTO is an ongoing series of large scale geeky themed burlesque shows produced in Toronto and founded by Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington and Leelando Calrissian. Since 2011 PeepshowTO has worked closely with a variety of local performers and a passionate crew to create highly anticipated and regularly sold out events across the GTA covering themes from Marvel & DC Comics to The Simpsons, Tim Burton, Nintendo and more. The PeepshowTO founding members have performed internationally in the NYC Nerdlesque Festival, The London Burlesque Festival, Bagel Burlesque Expo and local fan conventions such as Atomic Lollipop.

Our Events

Don’t you dare miss this Saturday late night spectacular! A showcase of the newest trend in burlesque – vivid, exciting performance related to popular culture, TV, film, nerdlesque and cosplay. Prepare to be knocked out with polished, witty, madcap work in full technicolour and cinemascope! Featuring headliner Harden Reddy (Munich), feature performer Emcee Unicorn (Sudbury) […]

Live Performance