PeepshowTO is an on-going series of geek-themed burlesque shows produced in Toronto by Betty Quirk and Sevvy Skellington. As performers, Betty and Sevvy have both traveled to perform on international festival stages and they are known for their own unique styles of geeky and cheeky burlesque. As a production team, PeepshowTO has worked closely with a variety of local and traveling performers from various backgrounds to create their own brand of highly anticipated and regularly sold out large-scale burlesque events in the GTA. Since it’s inception in 2011, PeepshowTO has set the stage in many unique venues in the city from independent cinemas to fan conventions, large union venues and even porn theatres. Today, they continue to host most of their major events at their new home theatre, The Great Hall. Every signature show is heavily customized to a specific theme, and audiences can always expect to see a good mix of both sultry and comedic performances, all packed into an indulgent evening that is sure to satisfy the geeky appetite.

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