Tiger Bay

New York

Tiger Bay is known as The Whoopee Cushion of Burlesque. She is based in New York City where she was crowned Miss Coney Island 2017. Her other awards include the 2016 AlternaTEASE “WTF” Award and the 2015 New York Burlesque Festival “Huh?” Golden Pastie Award. Tiger Bay brings her unique brand of weirdness throughout the cosmos…and beyond!

My Events

Don’t you dare miss this Saturday late night spectacular! A showcase of the newest trend in burlesque – vivid, exciting performance related to popular culture, TV, film, nerdlesque and cosplay. Prepare to be knocked out with polished, witty, madcap work in full technicolour and cinemascope! Featuring headliner Harden Reddy (Munich), feature performer Emcee Unicorn (Sudbury) […]

Live Performance